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Marilyn Monroe look-a-like competition. England, 1958 (via)

I’ll give you this: You Brits are an interesting people!


Marilyn Monroe look-a-like competition. England, 1958 (via)

I’ll give you this: You Brits are an interesting people!

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He used “bear” correctly. Though a lot of us would have preferred to “bare with him” ;) 

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Please stop slut-shaming Miley Cyrus. Just stop.

Especially if you’re a girl. You may think whatever you want of her. I myself have never been a stan. I like her well enough. But, whatever you thought of her performance tonight, let’s just not go down that road. As women, it never leads us anywhere good. 

This tiny rant was inspired by my late night shift on the Nick Jonas ihopehetookanothershirtlessselfie tag. There will be plenty of narrow minded guys (not saying all guys are like this) and people making that same "Man did he dodge a bullet with that one!" throwaway comment for weeks to come. No need for us girls to hop on the slut shamming train. Think about it…

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The Prada Rose & Crystal Earrings I wanted ! (Taken with instagram)


The Prada Rose & Crystal Earrings I wanted ! (Taken with instagram)

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Harry Styles twerking is the best thing ever. Honestly.

He played along but didn’t overdo it. I just like him as a person. I’m done. 

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Why are Sofia Vergara’s curves disappearing?

Tiny rant:

Within the last year and a half or so I’ve noticed that in every magazine cover/spread with Sofia Vergara her curves have been slowly disappearing. Now, you could say that maybe she’s gotten thinner for reasons unknown to us such as health issues, stress or maybe exercise, but if you look at her twitter pictures, which she posts a lot, she might look slightly thinner, but the curves are still there. 

I don’t know, maybe it’s been less noticeable before cause they’ve done it in a very subtle way. But in her latest spread in Harper’s Bazaar there is a picture of her sitting on a red chair sideways and the curves are practically non-existent. Mind you, her boobs are still there upfront and in full force. But unless she had liposuction in her butt and one hell of a hipbone reduction, that is not Sofia Vergara’s bottom half. 

Now I believe that all body types should be embraced as long as you are healthy, but it seems like once again, with very bad photoshopping, they’re trying to conform the image of a once perfectly healthy and curvaceous woman into the “ideal” of the giant  boobs and skinny frame figure. Again, there are women who look like that, it’s one of many body types that exist in this world, just not the sole one that should be considered healthy. It’s just kind of ridiculous that they would think you wouldn’t notice that kind of body alteration on freaking Sofia Vergara. For goodness’ sake, no one would believe you if you tried to alter an image of Jennifer Lopez like that.

End of rant.  

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I think Joe should give Demi her space. They’re not on Disney anymore, they’re both growing up and living their lives. Regardless of what happened (and yes, I’m biased towards Demi), they need to grow up and grow apart. I feel like she’s been asking for space for a long time (Fix a Heart, anyone?) and he keeps trying to push himself into her life.

Example: Why did he go to see her at Wango Tango? He’s got a girlfriend and a career. He might still care about her (just as a friend), but, and if so, he should give her space and move on. Maybe some day they can be close friends again, but you can’t force that, is my point.

My biased opinion: I feel like he just keeps pestering her, and maybe he got “inspired” cause he’s heard the songs on her new album that are obviously or in part about him. Then, boom! He’s trying to hang out with Wilmer and going to her concert. It just seems spiteful. Unless she invited him, in which case, just ignore this rant :)

Maybe he can write some songs for the Jonas album and give his own version of the story. Isn’t that what music’s for, self expression? Everyone gets their feelings and thoughts out and everyone keeps their space. 

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